Red Flat Glossy

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We cannot ignore the importance of chromatic vibrations in our environment. And the color Red is among the most important. The first Chakra, the RED chakra, is associated with the concepts of safety, survival and trust, with the feeling of being safe and sound. For most people, safety is related to home, family and work. Associated with this chakra is the sensation of "feeling at home" and the ability to be present in the Here and the Now. The MANOMAZE Red Glossy placed in a home environment represents the warmth, energy and light that provide a sense of safety. Some relate it to passion and sensuality. Certainly a MANOMAZE Red Glossy will be a very "Live" part of your environment.


Size: 175 x 95 x 5 (cm)
Material: Wood and fibers painted and lacquered Red "Glossy"