White Glossy

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The labyrinth is the figurative representation of abstract and intriguing realities, whose horizontal trajectory intersects with a vertical striving towards knowledge that is difficult to access. Although enclosed in seemingly limited spaces, it instead indicates a journey beyond our limits, towards an uncharted dimension. Our first MANOMAZE was born spontaneously in the color WHITE. Calm, peace, a sense of well-being and hospitality: for those who believe in the influence of colors on our mood, these are the sensations that the color white can convey. A white MANOMAZE is far more than a piece of design. The labyrinth is a sophisticated plot used as a tool ever since ancient times, capable of developing the right hemisphere of our brain (memory, creativity, etc.) and connecting it its left part (which regulates our rationality).

Size: 175 x 95 x 5 (cm)
Material: Wood and treated fibers, glossy white lacquer